Precision Pistol/Bullseye

Bullseye 2700

Bullseye 2700 matches are fired on the 3rd Sunday of April, May, June, July, August, September, and October.

  • Matches start at 9:00 AM
  • Match fee is $25.00 non-member, $22.00 member.
  • Match consists of 270 shots fired in 3 stages of 90 rounds each.
  • 1st stage .22 cal & 2nd stage center fire & 3rd stage.45 cal.
  • Each stage consists of 30 rounds slow fire, 30 rounds timed fire, 30 rounds rapid fire.
  • Slow fire is shot in strings of 10 shots with 10 minutes per string.
  • Timed fire is shot in 2 strings of 5 shots with 20 seconds per string.
  • Rapid fire is shot in 2 strings of 5 shots with 10 seconds per string.
  • Timed and Rapid fire use turning targets.
  • These are NRA sanctioned matches.

Bullseye Matches are a lot of shooting and a lot of fun, give it a try.

Thursday Night League

Bullseye Pistol has a Thursday evening handicap league, April -September, see calendar for match dates. There is an awards cookout to close out the league season.

This is the place to start if you want to learn how to shoot Bullseye. These matches start at 5:00 PM and 7:00 PM and take about an hour. The matches consist of 60 rounds 20 Slow, 20 Timed, 20 Rapid, shot with caliber and type of gun of your choice.

These matches are a good place to learn Bullseye shooting and have a good time while doing it. Join us and give it a try. We will be glad to assist you in getting started.

Here is the overview of league rules.

For email questions contact one of the Match Directors listed above and be sure to add the name of the Match Director you’re contacting.