NRA Small Bore

NRA Small Bore

Match Schedule & Information
Eric Hampel has volunteered to revamp our Smallbore program and has set the following match program:

  • I will open the small bore target shed for (call it what you want) squadded Conventional Small Bore Prone practice (or see if this works for a league event).
  • If the temperature is above freezing, and there is no visible precipitation I will be there.
  • My plan is to shoot one half of a 1600 point prone match each day we can shoot.
  • So – the first match will be 50 yard / 50 meter, the second will be Dewar match / 100 yard.

I will try to follow this timing schedule

High power shooters will recognize this as 25 minute block time. Ten minutes to change targets. A match is 40 shots in on two 20 shot cards (unlimited sighters). If you feel you need a rest between 40 shot matches – get in group 1 2 or 3 so you can take a relay off and still finish your 80 shots.

If you do not arrive early enough to start in group 1, quietly unload your gear, and wait for the target change.


I will allow any 22 rifle with this restriction –

If you have an autoloader, you must engage the safety and un-shoulder the rifle after every shot.

This is to put the autoloaders on the same pace as the single shot target rifles, and prevent rapid fire practice during the match.

Introducing Small Bore F-Class – (there isn’t any such thing that I know of), but if you are uncomfortable with sling and jacket, bring any rest and join in.

There are only ten target frames, so if we have a big turn out, there will need to be changes to the basic plan to fit every one in.

Eric H.