ARA Rimfire Benchrest

ARA Rimfire Benchrest

ARA Benchrest is shot on the third Saturday of each month on the small bore range. Make sure that you check the MRPC club calendar for match dates and times. Match fee is $5.00 per score card. To see the full schedule of ARA matches check the ARA here https://www.americanrimfire.com/index.php/results

Factory Class

  • Must be a rifle currently in production. *
  • MSRP of under $1000
  • Must be a magazine or tube fed rifle
  • No restrictions on optics
  • Trigger can be altered or replaced.
  • Pillar and glass bedding of the stock is allowed
  • Re-crowning of the barrel is allowed
  • See the ARA website for complete list of rules pertaining to classes

Unlimited Class

  • Any action and barrel
  • Any stock with bedding
  • No weight limit
  • No optic restrictions

Approved Factory Class Rifles from the ARA Website

Browning – All allowed except Model 52
CZ – 452, 453, 455, 512, 513 except Bruno CZ
Marlin – All allowed except all variations of Model 2000
Savage – All allowed except Savage/Anschutz Models
Henry – All allowed
Remington – All allowed except all variations of model 37*, 40x, 504, 513,540, 541
Ruger – All allowed
S&W – All allowed
Winchester – All allowed except Model 52 and 75

No one piece rests are allowed. All rifles are at the discretion of match director.
*ARA Factory Approval Form: https://www.americanrimfire.com/media/FactoryRifleApprovalForm.pdf

You Will Need

  • .22 Rifle (Factory, Unlimited, or both)
  • Front rest or bipod is recommended but not required
  • Rear sandbag is recommended but not required
  • Ammo – 25 rounds per score card + sighter ammo (subsonic is recommended but not required)
  • Hearing protection is required
  • Eye protection is required
  • Chamber flags are required (if needed MRPC can supply you with one)
  • MRPC has some plastic chairs, however, it is recommended you bring your own shooting stool.
  • It is recommended that your rifle be zeroed for 50 yards before you show up for a match. If this is not possible please show up early with extra ammo to get your rifle zeroed prior to the start of the match.

Course of Fire

The course of fire is 25 record bulls for each target at 50 yards with one shot per record bull. Shooters will have 20 min to shoot 25 bull targets with unlimited sighters.

Practice-Sign In

Practice/Gate opens at 8am. Sign-ups begins at 8:30 AM and the match starts at 9am. If needed we will run up to three relays.
Please come and give us a try. You can show up on match day as we are not limited on the amount of competitors. We have 26 spots on the firing line but currently only have 15 benches but this could change in the future.

Contact Match Director
Email ara_matchdirector@miamirifle-pistol.org

ARA Rimfire Benchrest Scores

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