NRA Small Bore

NRA Small Bore

We will have 80 round smallbore matches on the second and fourth Saturday of each month. These are for .22 rimfire rifles. This is precision target shooting at 50 and 100 yards and is a lot harder than it looks. All shots are slow fire, so most use bolt action rifles. Semi-auto rifles are allowed, but should be single loaded. No rapid fire. Empty chamber indicators are required. NRA Smallbore rules will be followed and can be found at https://compete.nra.org/documents/pdf/compete/RuleBooks/SBR/sbr-book.pdf.

There are three classes: conventional prone, F class and bench.

Conventional prone is, like the name says, fired from the prone position, using a sling for support. Specialized target shooting coat, glove, sling are allowed, but not necessary. There is a class for scoped rifles and for iron (target type) sight rifles.

F class is fired prone, using a bipod, front rest or bag for support. Scopes and iron sights are allowed but not scored separately, so most use scopes.

Bench class is fired sitting down with the rifle in a rest on a bench. Same scope rules as F class.

Each match will be half of a traditional NRA 1600 Prone match. So the 80 round match will be fired in four stages of 20 rounds each. The second Saturday will be two 50 yard stages and two 50 meter stages. The fourth Saturday will be a Dewar match, which is a 50 yard stage and a 100 yard stage, and two 100 yard stages. Each stage will be 25 minutes for prep time, sighters and 20 scoring shots.  Signup starts at 8:00 and firing at 9:00.  The match usually takes about 2 hours.

With virus restrictions, we are spacing out the firing points, with a maximum of 13 spaces.  Because of this, if we need it, there will be a second relay that will shoot after the first relay is complete, usually about 11:00. When the virus restrictions are lifted, there are 25 firing points available and should be able to accommodate everyone in one relay.

Equipment needed:

  • Safe .22 LR rifle
  • Empty chamber indicator
  • At least 80 rounds .22 LR ammunition. There are unlimited sighting shots allowed within the time limit. Standard velocity or subsonic is usually regarded as being more accurate.
  • Spotting scope and stand, if you are using iron sights or can’t see bullet holes with your rifle scope.
  • Mat or cushion if you are shooting prone. The firing line is concrete.
  • The range faces east, so sun glare can be a problem in the morning. Until we can come up with a sun shade solution for the shelter, bring some kind of sun shade like an umbrella that you can clamp down, so it doesn’t blow away and cause a cease fire.

The goal is to run a safe, fun, competitive match and improve everyone’s skills. And become the premier club in the world for smallbore competition.

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