500/600 Yard Certification

For practice, Members must be qualified to shoot from the 500 yard or 600 yard firing point by successfully completing  the certification class.

This certification is NOT required to participate in matches at MRPC that use the 500 / 600 yard line.

This certification is ONLY required to use the 500 / 600 yd line for unsupervised practice.  Practice shooting at the 500 / 600 yard line is restricted to ONLY certified MRPC Members.  Non-members or Guests are NOT permitted to practice shoot at the 500 / 600 yard line but only during a match.  This criteria is clearly stated in the MRPC Safety Procedures and Range Regulations.  Guests of members are permitted to shoot out to the 300 yard line.  Non-members are also welcome and encouraged to participate in any HP Rifle Match without a 500 / 600 certification as all matches are open to the public.  This principle is based on the fact there is always a Match Director at every match.  The second half of the Navy Match is a good opportunity for non-members to shoot at the 600 yard line who may not have the interest to shoot a Mid-Range or Cross the Course match.

During the certification process you will be instructed in the safety procedures to use the 500 / 600 yard lines including closing the driveway and use of the gate and lights.

In addition to the safety procedures you will have to demonstrate that you can keep all your shots on the target at those distances.

On the day of the certification class:
Classroom instruction will start at 10am at the Club House and will consist of a short introduction and questions.

After the classroom instruction, each student will shoot prone at 300 yards to establish a good zero. Following the 300 yard exercise the class will move to the 600 yard line. Each student will then will be required to adjust the rifle zero for 600 yards. In order to qualify, a student will have to be on target in 2 shots and then put 10 shots in the scoring rings on a standard 600 yard target from the prone position. If the student uses a rest they will only be certified to shoot 600 yards with a rest. If the student doesn’t qualify they may attend the next class and try again. No advanced registration required.

For more information,

contact John Grote