Handgun through Shotgun

These disciplines all allow or require handguns. None of the matches allow center fire necked rifle calibers. Bullseye Pistol and Precision Pistol only permit handguns. Bowling Pin matches allow handguns from .22 to larger calibers, rimfire rifles and shotguns. Cowboy Action require single action center fire revolvers, a lever action center fire rifle chambered in a pistol caliber and only two types of shotgun. Steel Challenge allows center fire handguns, rimfire rifles and Pistol Caliber Carbines (PCC). The Steel Plate matches allow anything from .22 caliber handguns through PCC’s – NO Shotguns. USPSA has similar requirements as Steel Challenge. Please read the appropriate discipline page listed on the right for information on the guns used or required, rules, approximate number of rounds fired and contact information for the match director.