Navy Rifle & 600 yard Matches

Navy Rifle & 600 yard Matches

The Navy match is an offhand match consisting of 2- 20 round shots with 2 sighters fired from the 200-yard line. The match is shot in two relays, starts at 9:00 AM and finishes by noon. The 600 yard match is shot in two relays shooting 20 rounds each at 600 yards and starts about Noon. Navy payment and squadding begins at 8am ending at 8:45am in the Clubhouse. 600 Yard payment and squadding begins after the Navy match and ends at 11:45am in the Clubhouse.

Navy Rifle & 600 Yard matches are held the 3rd Sunday of March thru November.

Match fees for Navy: $5:00

Match fee for 600: $3.00

500 Yard / 600 Yard Certification is not required to shoot matches. For practice, Members must be qualified to shoot from the 500 yard or 600 yard firing point by successfully completing  the certification class.

500 / 600 yard Certification

This certification is ONLY required to use the 500 / 600 yd line for unsupervised practice and is ONLY available to MRPC Members. This certification is NOT required to participate in matches at MRPC that use the 500 / 600 yd line. Click here to learn more about the 500/600 Yard Certification process.

If the student uses a rest they will only be certified to shoot 600 yds with a rest. If the student doesn’t qualify they may attend the next class and try again.  No advanced registration required.  Contact vp_rifle@miamirifle-pistol.org with any questions.

First you will establish a good 300 yd zero and then have to adjust your sights and hit the target at 600 yds in 2 shots and then keep 10 shots in the scoring rings.