Sporter Rifle Matches

Sporter Rifle Matches

The Sporter Match is an opportunity for the beginner and experienced shooter alike to use a hunting type rifle and get the feel for shooting a scaled-down Highpower rifle match. Either iron sights or scopes are allowed. We welcome and will assist all new shooters.

Dates and times:

  • Generally the 4th Sunday of every month.
  • Check the events calendar to be certain.
  • Sign up begins around 0800, the match starts at 0900.
  • The match is usually finished around noon.

Entry fee
Club members $3.00
Non members $5.00


  • Competitor must shoot in 6 matches to be eligible for end of year awards.
  • 6 best matches will be averaged to determine class awards.
  • Only the monthly winner will be awarded a free Sporter match, coffee cup or can cooler.
  • The two classes are, limited and unlimited. Unlimited class is available for shooters using match rifles or other equipment that does not comply with the rules listed below.
  • Unlimited is not eligible for awards.

Recommended Equipment

  • Center fire rifle capable of holding 4 rounds.
  • 32 rounds of ammunition for record plus additional rounds for sight-in.
  • Ground sheet or mat to lay on.
  • Open chamber indicator. If you do not have one ask the match Director to borrow one.
  • Eye and ear protection required.
  • A spotting scope is not necessary but is can be useful.
  • Military or hunting slings are allowed.

Sporter class Rules

  • Telescopic or metallic sights may be used.
  • Gloves are allowed but not specialized shooting gloves or mitts.
  • Palm rest and adjustable type butt-plate are not allowed.
  • Competitive shooting coats, adjustable buckle type, are not allowed.
  • Rifle must not weigh over nine and half pounds including magazine and sights but not the sling.
  • A corrective lens may be used in front or rear sight but not in both at the same time.
  • Match rifle or cuff type slings are not permitted.
  • Compensators and muzzle brakes are not permitted.
  • Bi-pods and use of magazine as a rest in prone position are not permitted.

Course of fire

  • All firing is done at 200 yards in the following order.
  • Five minute unlimited shots sight-in period. Single loading only.
  • 8 shots for record in 8 minutes for prone slow-fire. Single loading only.
  • 8 shots for record prone rapid-fire (2 – thirty second 4 shot strings).
  • 8 shots for record sitting rapid-fire (2 – thirty second 4 shot strings).
  • 8 shots for record in 8 minutes for offhand (standing with no sling). Single loading only.
  • Total of 32 shots fired for record.

This is a great opportunity to fire your surplus military rifles (SKS, Mosins, Mausers, Enfields, Arisaka, Schmidt-Rubin, etc.), hunting rifles (Winchester, Remington, Savage, etc.), civilian versions of military arms such as AR-15, AK-47, FAL, AR-10, G3 (HK-91) etc.