CMP Mid-Range 3×600

CMP Mid-Range 3×600

Test your skill at the 600 yard range with this CMP sanctioned match following the 2024 Highpower Rulebook. The course of fire consists of 3 strings of 20 shots for record, prone from 600 yards in a time period of 22 minutes. Unlimited sighters are allowed before the first string, and 2 sighters before strings 2 and 3.

See the MRPC calendar for match dates.
Signup and squadding begins at 8:00 AM, pits are sealed at 8:45 AM, and firing begins at 9:00 AM.

Categories of rifles include:

  • Service Rifle (Rule 4.1.1-4.1.4)
  • Match Rifle (Rule 4.1.5)
  • F-TR Rifle (Rule 4.1.7)
  • F-Open Rifle (Rule 4.1.8)
  • AR-Tactical Rifle (Rule 4.1.9)
  • Palma Rifle (Rule 5.14a, ICFRA Rule T2)

See the CMP Highpower rulebook for detailed descriptions of each rifle.

Match fees:

  • MRPC members: $20
  • Non-MRPC members: $25

The full detailed match program is available HERE. Open to all eligible participants. Competitors need not be a member of the NRA or a CMP affiliated club to participate. Scores will be submitted to the CMP and posted on their tracking website.

Not ready for a 60 round match? Try the 20 round match after the Navy Match first.