Varmint League

Varmint League

These matches offer a great opportunity to get the scoped rifles out, put some rounds down the barrel and enjoy a little fun informal competition.

Any modern centerfire rifle no larger than .35 caliber is allowed. Rifles must be scoped and reasonably zeroed (on paper) at 300 yards.

All matches are fired prone from 300 yards, with bipods, sandbags or any rifle rest. At the match director’s discretion, those having difficulty shooting prone for health or age related reasons may be permitted to use a shooting table or portable bench.

Winter Matches

Winter matches: 2nd Saturday, Nov. through April. Sign in 8:00am, match starts at 9:00am and finish up around 12:00 – 1:00pm. Match fee $12 for members and $15 for non members. Cash prize for winners. Lunch is included at the clubhouse after the match. Rain cancels. The winter matches are limited to 24 competitors on a first come basis.

Starting with the March 9th, 2013 Winter Varmint match, we are implementing a pre-registration/ reservation system. We have a limit of 24 shooters, and unfortunately the last couple of times we have had to turn some people away. So in order to insure a spot you may pre-register with me via email, phone or at the prior match.

At 8:00am on match day your reservation will expire if you are not present in the clubhouse. Any shooters arriving after 8:00 will be signed in on a first come basis with any remaining open slots.

This is an effort to prevent people from coming to the match and being disappointed. If we fill up, you will know ahead of time and save a trip.

Some have asked about opening up a 3rd relay or otherwise changing the format to allow more shooters. I am always open for suggestions, but I do not want to diminish the quality, or extend the time of our shoots.

Summer Matches

Summer matches: 1st Tuesday, May through Oct. 5:30pm. Match fee $7.00. Cash prize for winners. Rain cancels.

The summer and winter league formats differ quite a bit:

The winter matches are more of a hunting scenario. Each shooter has a 4’x 4’ target board with 5 full size animal silhouette targets (Groundhog, crow, 2 prairie dogs and a cat). Fire one shot at each within ten minutes. Scoring is simple, if you hit the animal you score a 10, and if you hit the 1.5” center circle you score a 10X. Four relays are fired for a total of 20 animals (200-20X possible). We also shoot one shot at a fly target on each relay as a little side bonus match, so your total number of record shots is 24. There are no sighter shots allowed after the initial 10 minute warmup/ sight-in period.

The summer evening matches consist of firing one – 5 shot warmup, then 5 shots at a prairie dog target (x4 targets) for a total of 20 record shots. Wind flags are placed on the range for the summer matches only.

What to bring

  • Ground mat (deflated air mattress works great)
  • Front bipod, bag, or rifle rest.
  • Rear bag.
  • Hearing and eye protection
  • Chamber flag (open bolt indicator) required or bolt removed from rifle at all times during cease fire Rifle (zeroed)
  • Ammo: Recommend 40 rds. for winter, and 30 rds. for summer.
  • Dress warm for the winter.

Contact Summer Match Directors
Mark Thielking
E-Mail: Mark Thielking
Phone: 513-490-6994

Jim Jackson
E-Mail: Jim Jackson
Phone: 513-734-4147

John Beres
E-Mail: John Beres
Phone: 937-344-1502

Contact Winter Match Directors
Dave Spurlock
Home: 513-248-9733
Cell: 513-623-8253

Jim Jackson
E-Mail: Jim Jackson
Phone: 513-734-4147

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