How do I become a member?

Current wait time for new applicants is between 36 and 48 months. But f you participate in the Accelerated Waiting List (AWL) program you can reduce your wait time by 30 days for each AWL credit. You may read all of the details and apply for membership Here

Once you have applied you may check your application status: Here

How does a current member add family members?

Click here for details

May I shoot if I am not a member?

Most matches allow non-members to participate. Check the calendar for matches then check the disciplines for membership requirements.

Otherwise you must shoot as a guest of a current member.

How many guests may I bring?

Only Two, unless they are direct family members, then you may bring more. You MUST have them sign a liability waiver and obtain a guest badge Every visit – no exceptions. Both are available in the club house.

How do I update my membership or applicant information?

If you are an Applicant your sign in is your Email and whatever password you chose. If you forgot your password there is a button that allows you to reset it.

If you are a Member your sign in is your last name and member number (i.e. Smith1234) and whatever password you chose. Reset as above.

When you progress from applicant to member your sign in changes.

Sign in here

My dog ate my badge – how do I get a replacement?

First off – I hope your dog is OK. Simply Email VP Membership. There is a nominal fee of $5 to cover the cost of the badge and mailing. It is helpful to include your name and member number.

How do I sign in to other areas?

Members only Page(s)

As the name implies you MUST be a member to access these pages. The password is printed on your current year sticker. Details are on that sign in page

Match Directors Log in

You must be a match director or designee to sign in here. There is no access to secret information – all you can do is post to the scores sections.

What happened to the members forum and classifieds?

No one knows for sure. I am working on restoring at least the classifieds. Watch for updates in your inbox – nothing will happen, if ever, until mid September 2022.

What are the Range Rules?

Please read the rules. They are all designed for everyone’s safety. Some egregious offenses may result in loss of membership.

Click to read and / or download Range Rules

How do I qualify for the 500 and 600 yard ranges?

600 yard certifications are held several times each year usually on a Saturday from 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM. Check the calendar

Click to find out

How do I operate the gate?

Click to read gate instructions

Does the site use Captcha (the annoying thing that asks you to look for items in a picture)?

No – not at this time. If we ever do it would only be for people that can post to the site. However there have been several reports of people being ‘Captcha’d’ when they access the calendar. This is most likely a Google ‘feature’ since we use Google calendar.

What facilities does the club offer?

Click to find out about our many facilities

Is Club Merchandise offered for sale?

Yes indeed. You may purchase it on Trade Day or at the annual meeting.  The other option is to make arrangements with a Board member to meet you – best bet is after a match they shoot. The first two options are the most reliable. To see what items are for sale and prices click here.

When is a Liability Release Form Required?

Every visitor on every visit is required to sign a Liability Release and wear an orange guest badge immediately after entering the property – available in the club house. Liability Release Form

If the visitor regularly attends matches and has a Liability Release on file with a match director the visitor still must still fill out a Liability Release on all non-match visits and wear an orange guest badge. A new release form must be filled out each calendar year for EACH match.

If the visitor is not planning on shooting the visitor still must fill out a Liability Release and wear an orange guest badge.

If the visitor is a minor a Liability Release must still be filled out and signed by their parent or legal guardian on each visit and wear an orange guest badge.

Please see Section IV paragraph 2 of the Safety Procedures and Range Regulations, August 7, 2017

The rule is simple:  Every Visitor, Every Visit.