Recreational Rimfire

Recreational Rimfire

      The Recreational Rimfire match is just as it sounds. It’s designed for you to have an enjoyable low key match experience. You will be shooting at 50 yards, and you are able to shoot any rimfire rifle that is .22 magnum or smaller. Most of us have at least one, if not more, rimfire rifles in the safe. This is an opportunity to get out and have fun and get experience shooting in a match.

        The match takes place on the first Sunday of every month on the Small Bore Range. Registration starts at 2pm, and first shots are fired at 3pm sharp. The course of fire is 10 rounds slow fire in 10 minutes, followed by 10 rounds of rapid fire in 2 strings of 5 rounds each in a 30 second time limit. These will be fired in prone, sitting/kneeling, and standing positions. If you prefer, you can shoot any or all of the stages from the bench.

Equipment needed:

Any rimfire rifle .22 mag or smaller. There are no limitations on rifle type, sights, weight, or barrel length.

At least 60 rounds of ammunition, plus the number of sighting shots you plan to fire. There are unlimited sighting shots allowed during the sight-in/warm up period. Standard velocity or subsonic is usually regarded as being more accurate, but feel free to use whatever velocity ammunition you have on hand.

If you are using iron sights you may want to sight in your rifle before you arrive or bring some type of sighting scope.

Mat or cushion if you are shooting prone because the firing line is concrete.

Eye and Ear protection is required


$4 for members

$5 for non-members

This is a recreational match, so no prizes will be awarded except a sense of accomplishment as you see your skills improve from month to month.

We look forward to seeing you!

If you have any Recreational Rimfire questions please contact:

Joel Craig