Recreational Rimfire

Recreatonal Rimfire Match 03/05/2023

We had another great turnout this month for the match, 24 shooters for the second month in a row! Our match is growing and we appreciate all the support. As a result we are looking at running a second relay to make sure everyone is able to shoot. We have 26 spots and starting next month I will send out a match reminder at the beginning of match week and the first 26 people to respond will be put in the first relay. Anyone after will be placed in the second relay. Depending on response, After I receive 26 entries I will send out a second email letting everyone know what relay they will be shooting. Please keep in mind we have only 21 benches. You need to let me know if you plan to use a bench. Also, congratulations to Dave En for willing our March Madness Match. Dave gets a free entry to our April 2nd match.Thank you again for your support and we will see you April 2nd!