600 Yard Benchrest

600 Yard Benchrest Matches

600-Yard Benchrest matches are held the 3rd Saturday of May thru September. We meet at the 600 yard firing line at 0800 for set-up. The match starts promptly at 09:00. We finish up by 11:00. There’s a $15 entry fee, with generous payouts.
After a 15-minute unlimited-rounds sighter period, two large groundhog targets will be shot for record, 10 shots on each. Ten-minute breaks between each segment for barrel cooling & gate opening for club traffic. May use any rifle .30 & under, shot from shooter-supplied portable bench or prone with bipod or rest & rear bag.


You may shoot with a portable bench or prone with a bipod. Scoring is the same.

500 / 600 yard Certification

This certification is ONLY required to use the 500 / 600 yd line for unsupervised practice and is ONLY available to MRPC Members. This certification is NOT required to participate in matches at MRPC that use the 500 / 600 yd line. Click here to learn more about the 500/600 Yard Certification process.

If the student uses a rest they will only be certified to shoot 600 yds with a rest. If the student doesn’t qualify they may attend the next class and try again.  No advanced registration required.  Contact vp_rifle@miamirifle-pistol.org with any questions.

First you will establish a good 300 yd zero and then have to adjust your sights and hit the target at 600 yds in 2 shots and then keep 10 shots in the scoring rings.

Contact Match Director(s)

Phil French
Email: fossilfrench@outlook.com

Phone: 937-287-4766

Joe Lohse

Email: joseph.lohse14@gmail.com

Phone: 513-965-1709

600 Yard Benchrest Match Scores