Garand Match and Vintage Military Bolt Rifle Match

Garand Match and Vintage Military Bolt Rifle Match

At MRPC, we will run a Garand Match and Vintage Military Bolt Rifle Match concurrent with each other.  This means we will run both matches at the same time using the same course of fire. The rifle you bring per the rules below will determine which match you are competing in. Upon completion of the matches, all competitors will be mailed a Match Results Program which will complete one of the eligibility requirements that can allow you to purchase rifles such as the M-1 Garand or 1903 Springfield direct from the CMP. More information on purchasing rifles from the CMP will be available at the match.

Registration will start at 8:00am with a course of fire & safety briefing beginning at 8:45am and matches starting at 9:00am. One half of the competitors will go to the firing line and one-half will go to the pits for target pulling duties. Following the first relays of shooting, there will be a pit change while the competitors swap places and other half shoots. The match will be limited to 48 competitors on a first-come, first-served basis. The match is open to both MRPC members and non-members. The fee for this match is $5 for members and $8 for non-members.

The match rules are as follows

Rifles allowed for entry into the Garand Match include WWII semi-automatic U.S. issue rifles including the M-1 Garand rifle, M-1 Carbine or M1941 Johnson Rifle.

Rifles allowed for entry into the Vintage Military Bolt Rifle Match include any U.S. or foreign military bolt-action rifles. Examples include the U.S. 1903 Springfield, Krag or Model 1917 rifles, or foreign rifles such as the military versions of the Mauser rifle, Russian Mosin-Nagants, English Enfields, Swiss K-31’s, etc.

These rifles must conform to their “as-issued” condition. All hardware including stocks and sights must conform to the configurations issued to regular military personnel i.e. no target or sniper sights or scopes. The “spirit of competition” here is that we are all on a level playing field by using non-modified rifles.

Shooters will provide their own ammunition that is appropriate for their rifle. 45 rounds are required to complete this match. There is a re-load required for the rapid-fire portions so bring extra magazines or stripper clips.

There will be no alibis or refires because of rifle or ammunition malfunctions allowed during any stage of this match. It is important that the rifle you use be clean and in good working condition to prevent malfunctions.

Competitors may use spotting scopes for shooting or scoring. Cloth, canvas or leather shooting jackets may be used. Standard military-issue web or leather slings or slings of this same type are permitted.  Shooting gloves or mitts and ground cloths or shooting mats may be used.

All competitors and range personnel are urged to wear personal hearing and eye protection whenever shooting takes place. For safety, Open Bolt Indicators (OBI) are required for all rifles to indicate to the Match Director that all rifles are unloaded when directed. These can be purchased at registration for a nominal fee.

Course of Fire

Competitors will fire 45 total rounds, 5 sighting shots and 40 shots for record, at 200 yards, on the standard 200-yard highpower rifle target.

  • Stage 1: 5 sighting shots and 10 shots for record, prone position, slow-fire, time limit 15 minutes.
  • Stage 2: 10 shots for record, prone, rapid-fire, time limit 80 seconds.
  • Stage 3: 10 shots for record, sitting, rapid-fire, time limit 70 seconds
  • Stage 4: 10 shots for record, standing position, slow-fire, time limit 10 minutes.

Contact Match Director
E-Mail: Bryan Jordan

Garand Match and Vintage Military Bolt Rifle Match Scores