Miami Rifle & Pistol Club

Our Association

Established in 1916, the Miami Rifle and Pistol Club (MRPC) is one of the oldest rifle and pistol clubs in the United States.  Located on 130 acres in Clermont County Ohio, the club is affiliated with the National Rifle Association, the Ohio Rifle and Pistol Association and the Civilian Marksmanship Program.

Members of the Miami Rifle and Pistol Club have distinguished themselves at the regional and national level in various kinds of rifle and pistol competition.  These Master, High Master and Distinguished shooters make themselves available to new shooters and members of the Club to help them get a good start in the shooting sports.

Our Facilities

Visit the Facilities section to see a description of each range.

Range hours are 9:00am Sundays, and 8:00am until sunset on other days 365 days a year (366 on leap years for you nitpickers). Part or all of the ranges may be closed on any day. Please check the calendar. Official Sunset time is determined  HERE


NRA AND CMP approved rifle and pistol matches are held on a regular basis at the club.  These scheduled matches, along with monthly USPSA sanctioned practical pistol matches provide members with over 100 organized matches a year.

Other shooting related activities include sporting rifle and black powder matches, cowboy action matches, .22 rimfire and centerfire benchrest competition.

Members may also take advantage of rifle and pistol instructional courses.

Junior Programs

Junior programs include Junior Smallbore Rifle ages 12 to 21 and Junior High Power Rifle ages 12 to 19.  See the Juniors section for more details.


Interested in joining MRPC?  Visit membership section for more information.