Centerfire Bench Rest

Centerfire Benchrest

Matches are generally scheduled on the 2nd Sunday, April – Oct. on the Benchrest Range.  See calendar for match dates.

Sign-up time: From 7:45AM until 8:30AM. Match starts at 9:00 AM. Match fee is $12 for members and $15 for non members. There will be a dollar per shooter going to the winner of each match and a dollar going to the over-all winner of the day in each class Custom & Stock.

  • There will be a total of 4 score matches each Sunday.
  • A Score Match consists of 5 single targets for a max score of 50-5X & 1 target with unlimited sighters.
  • The first 2 targets will be shot at 100 yards, the next two targets will be shot at 200 yards.
  • There will be a single 20 minute relay for 100 yards in that time you will shoot two targets with unlimited sighters.
  • A short break then a single 20 minute relay for 200 yards for two more targets. The max possible score is 200-20X.

For the season championship there needs to be at least 4 matches shot for the season. After 4 are met we drop off the lowest scores and average the top 4 scores for the year.

What to bring

  • Eye and hearing protection.
  • At least 50 rds. ammo.
  • Rifle zeroed.
  • Front Rest or Bipod and a Rear Bag.

There are two classes: Custom and Factory.

Custom Class Equipment Rules

  1. Case capacity no greater than 308 Win. (popular is 6PPC, 6BR, & 30BR)
  2. No muzzle brakes
  3. Rifle must be equipped with telescopic sights. No limit on magnification
  4. Otherwise unlimited weight, barrel, trigger, & stock

Factory Class Equipment Rules

  1. Case capacity no greater than 308 Win. (popular .223, .308, & 6BR)
  2. Must be unaltered factory production receiver, stock, barrel, & chamber
  3. Trigger may be aftermarket
  4. Receiver may be bedded in stock
  5. Butt stock may be shortened & recoil pad added
  6. Barrel may be re-crowned
  7. Any scope size, mount, & rings
  8. Factory class allows factory original muzzle brakes
  9. No factory altered flat bottom stocks or forearm over 2.3” wide
  10. No forearm stabilizers such as Accuracy Asset
  11. No custom shop rifles (40X, Cooper, Kimber, Dakota, Lazzaroni, & Neesika)

General Benchrest Match Rules/ Procedures

  • All club rules in effect during matches.
  • BOLTS OUT OF RIFLES AT ALL TIMES – On range officer’s command you may insert bolts and commence fire. Upon finishing your firing sequence, remove bolt from rifle immediately and remain seated until the line is finished and cease fire is called.
  • When persons are downrange – NO GUN HANDLING, step away from benches and behind the Yellow line.
  • Single round load only during matches. No loading of magazines.

Check the calendar for match dates.

Contact Match Director
E-Mail: Mark Meineke
Phone: 513-307-7705

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