Bullseye Pistol League

Bullseye Pistol League

Our Pistol League is held every Thursday, April thru Mid-September. Matches start at 10:00 AM, and 6:00 PM at the upper Bullseye Pistol Range. Registration closes 15 minutes before each match. Pistol League is an opportunity for you to develop your pistol shooting skills, all while learning the sport of Precision Pistol. These skills are transferable to all other pistol disciplines.

The basic shooting skills are sight alignment and trigger control refined with stance, grip, breath control, and follow-through. All shooters use these skills in other pistol matches, or at the Multi-Purpose Range. But, in Pistol League, these are the foundation for Precision Pistol shooting.

For some this weekly match may seem intimidating, but recreational shooters are welcome to this low-key event. Our experienced shooters are happy to coach and encourage recreational shooters. Most shooters fire this match one handed, but recreational shooters are welcome to use two hands.

Your welcome to compete in as many matches as your schedule and ammunition stockpile will allow. The match fee includes targets and backing boards. All competitors must wear eye and ear protection. Empty Chamber Indicators (ECI) are a requirement. If you don’t have an ECI we will give you one at no cost. Please bring a staple gun for posting your targets, a clipboard and a pen or pencil for keeping score and masking tape for repairing targets when necessary. We also offer an optional abbreviated Revolver Match for an additional $1.00.

Match Fees:

  • Morning or Evening $4.00 non-member, $3.00 member
  • Morning or Evening + Revolver $5.00 non-member, $4.00 member
  • Morning + Evening $5.00 non-member, $4.00 member
  • Morning + Evening + Revolver $7.00 non-member, $6.00 member

The course of fire is a National Match Course (NMC) which is as follows:

Sequence Distance Time Number of Rounds
Slow Fire 50 yards 10 Minutes 10
Timed Fire 25 yards 20 Seconds 2 strings of 5
Rapid Fire 25 yards 10 Seconds 2 strings of 5


This NMC is fired twice. The first is fired using a .22 Rimfire pistol. The second can be fired with a .22 Rimfire or any Centerfire caliber pistol. Between each sequence, a cease-fire is called, shooters go downrange to score a target and affix a new target. The match takes approximately one hour to complete.

The optional Revolver match takes approximately 30 minutes to complete and there is only one NMC fired as outlined above.

The morning match starts at 10:00 AM followed by the optional Revolver match. The evening optional Revolver match starts at 6:15 PM with the main match starting at 7:00 PM. Please arrive at least 15 minutes before the match to sign-in, set up your target frame, backing board and first target. Parking is available adjacent to the Firing Line. We welcome shooters of all abilities, ages and handicaps.

Hope to see you on the range to enjoy this match.

If you have any Pistol League questions please contact Kevin Donahoe: pistol_league@miamirifle-pistol.org