Bowling Pin

Bowling Pin


Bowling pin matches are conducted year round on the second Sunday of every month at 9:00 AM, directly behind the clubhouse on the Bowling Pin Range. These Bowling Pin matches allow the use of center fire handguns, .22 rimfire handguns, .22 rimfire rifle, and shotguns. Shotguns require #4 shot or larger diameter. The more common #7.5 or #8 shot are not allowed because the small diameter of the shot ricochet back at the firing line.

We Shoot Cowboy pins on the third Sunday, November through March.

We use regular pin guns, single action pistols, and lever action, pistol caliber rifles.


Competitors are divided into four classes; Centerfire A, Centerfire B, Rimfire A, and Rimfire B as determined by the match staff using your scores. The A classes are the higher-level shooters.


The goal of a Bowling Pin Match is to clear 5 bowling pins off the top of a table in less than 20 seconds.  The table is 25 feet from the firing line.


A competitor buys a “set”, most people buy multiple “sets”, which consists of 3 timed runs. Each run has the competitor starting with the loaded gun in hand, muzzle on table; at the start signal the competitor sights the weapon on their pins and attempts to clear the table in as few shots as possible. The pins are completely reset by volunteer competitors between each timed run. All competitors are expected to help reset pins, clean up, or do whatever is needed. Your help and good sportsmanship are greatly appreciated by the volunteers who run the match.


Members pay $3.00 per set, Nonmembers pay $4.00 per set. As an example if a member paid $18.00 for 6 sets, they would have 18 timed runs and require a minimum 90 rounds of ammunition if they didn’t miss and every pin fell off the table with one hit…Bring extra!

What should you bring to a Bowling Pin Match? Patience and a positive attitude will guarantee a positive experience. Your gun is to be cased with a chamber flag inserted when you arrive at the club.  You should not handle your gun unless instructed to by match staff. You are encouraged and welcome to come out and try it with the equipment you have. Eye and hearing protection are required at all times during the match. No holster or magazine pouches are required. This is an outdoor event so dress for the weather.

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email: Bowling Pin MD

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