USPSA Sanctioned Matches

MRPC USPSA Matches are held on the fourth (4th) Sunday of each month from March through October. ALL match registration is done through practiscore. It is no longer possible to show up on match day and register. Simply go to Practiscore MRPC Registration . Registration opens one week prior to the match date and you are encouraged to sign up as early as possible as our matches tend to fill to capacity in only a few days. On Practiscore you will squad yourself as well. On match day you simply show up, pay, and confirm squadding info.

We set up the match the day before starting at 2:00 PM, and appreciate any and all help we can get. REMINDER: Set up help shoots the match for free!

Sunday Morning Match check in is done at the scoring shack on the Bullseye Range. Check in STARTS at 7:30 am and CLOSES promptly at 8:30 am so that we can start the match on time. Shooters who show up after 8:30am will NOT be able to shoot the match. Match fee is $25.00 for club members and non-members alike.  A new shooters orientation is held at 8:30 for those new to USPSA. ALL NEW SHOOTERS SHALL ARRIVE BEFORE 8:30am SO THAT THEY CAN REGISTER FOR THE MATCH, THEN ATTEND THE NEW SHOOTERS ORIENTATION AT 8:30am IN BAY 4.

The main Shooters meeting is held in front of the scoring shack at approximately 8:45am. The shooting starts at 9:00am.

As soon as you arrive please register for the match at the Bullseye Range Scoring Shack.

  1. Pay $25.00 and let stats know if you are an MRPC Member.
  2. Help with set up if needed
  3. Attend the Shooters Meeting in front of the Scoring Shack at 8:45am.
  4. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask.


What you need to bring to the match

  • Eye protection is mandatory for all competitors and visitors.
  • Hearing protection is mandatory for all competitors and visitors.
  • A cap with a brim to keep brass off your face is recommended.
  • A handgun or pistol caliber carbine with a few magazines.
  • A belt and holster that holds the pistol securely and covers the trigger guard.
  • Magazine pouches. You can put magazines in your back pocket if needed.

Remember that every accomplished shooter started with no experience! If you want to shoot with us and feel uncomfortable showing up on match day, please contact us. We will be happy to help you!

Read The Rules: Go to USPSA.org Rules or google USPSA rules


Plan to be at the range until approximately 2:00pm. Plan accordingly for weather and bring plenty of drinks.


Contact Match Director
E-Mail: Kevin Sanders

USPSA  Match Scores

MRPC Match Scores on Practiscore