Smallbore Rifle

Smallbore Rifle

Smallbore Rifle is a 160 shot match for rifles chambered in 22LR. It is fired prone with sling support (conventional prone) or with a bipod or front rest (F Class). CMP Smallbore rules will be followed. If you are new to smallbore, we can make allowances to almost anything, except safety, and help you get started.

Here is a link to the rulebook: Rulebook

Matches will be held on the fourth Saturday of the month, except July, so competitors can attend the national matches.

The match sign-up starts at 8:00, shooting at 9:00 and should be finished at about 2:00.

The match will be formatted as follows:
50 yard match – two 20 minute, 20 shot stages at 50 yards, fired on A-23 targets

50 meter match – two 20 minute, 20 shot stages at 50 yards, fired on A-27 targets

Dewar match – two 20 minute, 20 shot stages, one at 50 yards on A-23 target, one at 100 yards on A-25 target

100 yard match – two 20 minute, 20 shot stages at 100 yards, fired on A-25 targets

There are unlimited sighting shots, within the time limit, allowed at each stage.

F Class competitors will follow the same format, but use A-51 targets for 50 yards and 50 meters, and A-33 targets for 100 yards. There will not be different classes for F-Open and F-TR.

We will let competitors shoot half the match. To shoot only the second half, please arrive to sign up by 10:30.

Match fees are $10 for MRPC members, $12 for non-members. Half match fees will be half of that.

There will be special matches. June 22 will be a Made in America match. To be eligible, the rifle, stock and sights or scope must be Made in America. Bring out your Winchester 52, Remington 40x, Kimber 82 with Unertyl, Fecker or Lyman scopes, or other American classics. If you only have your foreign equipment, you can shoot, but won’t earn the prestigious title of Made in America Champion.

Aug 24 is the MRPC Smallbore Club Championship. MRPC members will be eligible to be declared Club Champion. Club Champions inspire the awe of strangers, make your peers jealous, and attract only the best of the opposite sex.

Oct 26 will be a Metric match. All competitors will shoot on the European UIT A-51 and A-33 targets. These are much more difficult, and the scores can be humbling compared to the normal targets.

If you have any questions about the matches or shooting Smallbore, please send an email to Don Fine at

See you at the range.

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