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Primer Pops

Primer Pops Newsletter

The Primer Pops is the Miami Rifle and Pistol Club’s newsletter. The newsletter is no longer printed. It is uploaded to the club website and may be downloaded from there in a PDF format. It is one of the major mediums that the club relays important information to its members.

The newsletter contains specific information relating to club activities such as, club news, reminders, President’s letter, calendar of activities, classifieds, renewal membership forms, articles, etc. Members are encouraged to contribute articles or photographs relating to the club.

The newsletter Editor is the person who determines the final content for publication. In special cases, final approval is presented to the Board of Directors. The current newsletter Editor is Glenn Miñano.

Primer Pops FAQ

How do I post an Ad in the newsletter?

To post an Ad in the newsletter, simply email the Editor the information, as an electronic file (ie. as text with in your email, as a Word Document, etc.). You can also fax or mail your TYPED Ad, information is listed on page 3 of the newsletter.

It is preferred that you email your Ad.
Please review our Ad policy (see below) before sending us your Ad. On the email Subject line, be sure to type “Primer Pops Ad“.

When is the deadline for Ads, Articles, Photos, etc. to place in the newsletter?

The deadline date will always be listed in page 3 of the newsletter.

How many items can I sell per issue?

A limit of FOUR (4) items per issue, per current member. Please review our Ad policy below before sending us your Ad.

Primer Pops Ad Display Policy

Each current MRPC member has the privilege of posting (items for sale) in the classified section of the newsletter. Those who wish to place a paid Ad in the club newsletter will have to contact the Editor, pending Board approval.

Display Advertising Policy: What’s Acceptable in Miami Rifle and Pistol Club and What’s Not

  1. Miami Rifle and Pistol Club makes every effort not to make errors. However, we assume no liability for typographical errors except to the extent of re-running the incorrect portion of the ad in the next available issue. We do not knowingly print any advertising of reproductions, except those of an acceptable nature.
  2. No more than FOUR items for sale, per issue, per member. Keep description of items for sale short and simple.
  3. Miami Rifle and Pistol Club reserves the right to reject any advertising, or copy attacking or mentioning other advertisers directly or indirectly.
  4. The advertiser will furnish the editor with typewritten electronic file (ie; email, Word document, etc.) or legibly printed copy on one side of the paper only.
  5. To avoid misunderstanding as to condition of guns, etc., it is requested that all advertisers use the NRA standards for the description of used guns and accessories. Be honest in the description of your guns. Misrepresentation will not gain you a sale, but will only cause a great deal of needless correspondence.
  6. Rates and conditions are subject to change without notice.
  7. When new copy or change of copy is not received by closing date (printed on page 3 of newsletter), copy run in a previous issue will be inserted.
  8. Miami Rifle and Pistol Club accepts no liability for error beyond the cost of the space occupied.
  9. Miami Rifle and Pistol Club accepts no liability should an advertisement be omitted.
  10. The rights and obligations of the parties and all interpretation and performance of these services shall be governed in all respects by the laws of the State of Ohio, and any action arising from or related to these services shall be brought only in a court of competent jurisdiction situated in Clermont County, Ohio, and the parties hereby submit and consent to the exercise of personal jurisdiction over them by such courts for the purpose of any such action.
  11. Ads are kept in print for one issue only, unless of paid advertisement or special arrangement with the Editor and/or Board.
  12. Miami Rifle and Pistol Club reserves the right to omit any ads that in its opinion are objectionable.

Miami Rifle and Pistol Club will not accept ads offering the following items for sale:

  1. Plans, videos or books for converting semi-automatic firearms to full- automatic fire.
  2. Sound suppressor plans and videos
  3. Plans or formulas for making explosives, booby traps, etc.
  4. Lock picks, slim-jims, etc., and lock picking instructions
  5. Items related to the above.