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New Match Director Documents

Welcome to the New Match Director Information Page

This page will have the information a new match director needs to get started. Here is a checklist that may also be read and downloaded by clicking the button on the right:

New Match Director’s Checklist
* Do you have the spreadsheet used to submit your match report? If not contact the former MD or the VP of your discipline. This should be sent to the appropriate VP after each match in a timely manner.
* Do you have deposit slips for Fifth Third Bank? You can get them at the bank or from your predecessor. You will also need the account number – predecessor or Treasurer. When making a deposit write the match name and date on the deposit slip.
* Does your match need access to any buildings? If so, do you have the keys / combinations? If not ask the former MD or VP Range and Grounds.
* Does your match post scores to the Club WEB site? If yes then the VP of IT will change the sign on code to your email and you will be sent a link to reset the password. Just let him know.
* If your match did not post scores to the Club WEB site and you would like to start email and he will make the necessary changes so you may.
* Most matches use email to contact their shooters. This ranges from personal accounts to outside services. If your predecessor used personal email do you have their email list? If an outside service is used you need the sign on and password and maybe some instructions on how to use it.
* The gate to the club is usually left open for a period of time to allow nonmembers entry. To operate the gate:
1) Swipe your badge,
2) Enter the secret code on the keypad. This document can be viewed by all club members therefore the code will not be displayed. You may obtain it from your predecessor or any MD or most Board members.
3) The keypad should buzz and a red light on the left hand side will go on.
4) Place a tag on the gate indicating which match is leaving the gate open.
Swipe and enter the code to return to normal operation after the gate close time set by your match.
* How to reschedule a match.. If you have to cancel a match (usually due to weather) contact to note the cancellation on the calendar. It may also be posted on the Home page under ‘News’, but this does not always take effect immediately. To reschedule contact the VP of IT once you have checked the calendar to ensure no other matches are scheduled for that date, time frame and range(s). This is a courtesy to the other club members who may have plans for that venue that day. He will add it to the calendar and the ‘News’