Recreational Rimfire

Recreational Rimfire Match 11/6/22

We want to thank everyone for coming out to our third Recreational Rimfire Match. We had a good turnout and the weather was wonderful.
We had an an extra optional side match. A Halloween candy shoot because everyone hates Candy Corn. Shooters received 5 points for each piece of candy shot and 25 points if they shot thru the Life Saver without breaking it. Congratulations to Tom Seta who won the candy shoot and won a free entry to our next match. Congratulations to David Reichle who won our door prize of a club tee shirt. We look forward to seeing everyone at the next match on 12/4. Next month we will have a Thanksgiving themed turkey shoot. The winner will also receive a free entry to our next match. So come join us December 4th @ 2:00 and shoot some turkeys.